Facilities & Infrastructure

A Tradition of service for generations to come

Our Infrastructure

Ahinsadham is spread over 600 acres of land out which consists of 35 acres of manmade lake, 200 acres of gaushala, multifacility animal hospital, ICU with 300 beds, museum, auditorium, birds sanctuary, equine animal zone and animal fodder storage.

Kailash Upvan

Ahinsadham we have developed Kailash Upvan of 200 Acres. We are presently undertaking drive to create a man made forest with 5 Lakh tree plantation to facilitate biodiversity and create home for countless animals and birds.

Pravesh Dwar & Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Our Nation is a global icon for Peace (Satyagraha) & Non-Violence (Ahinsa). To remind us of our objectives and motto of our life, Gandhi memorial stands straight at the entrance of our Dham.

Nandi Gopal Samadhi

Gopal Smriti Mandir, “Nandi Gopal Bull” is featured in “GUINESS BOOK OF WORD RECORDS AND LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS”. – The Guinness Book of World Records in 2002 has given an entry to Nandi Gopal as the bull with World's Largest, Thickest & Longest Horns Found.
After his death we have built a Samadhi Mandir - Gopal Smriti Mandir as a tribute to the Mighty bull for the stature he deserves.

Vineshalay Museum

To spread awareness against animal cruelty and truth about butcher houses and slaughterhouses, Anchorwala Ahinsadham has taken initiative and started Vineshalay, a museum that has pictures and posters that depict the cruelty done to animals in slaughterhouses and in general across the globe.
We have approximately 250+ Visitors visiting our Centre guided by our expert guides.


The primary objective of the auditorium is to organize seminars & knowledge based programs for farmers, dairy owners, agriculturists, environmentalists, animal welfare experts, afforestation & ecologists etc.
This auditorium has the capacity to include 1000+ people.


More than 4700 cows and buffaloes are been taken care of and fed in vast Gaushala spread across 600 acres of land, making Ahinsadham one of the largest and biggest animal welfare centres in India. Dedicated storage has also been facilitated to provide fodder to all the members of Gaushala.
We have even received many awards from Govt. of India and were also honoured by our PM Shri Narendra Modi and current textile minister Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani.

Mini Zoo

We have built a small zoo cum small animals & bird care center where we provide treatment to tortoises, guinea pigs, sheep, dogs, birds & other such smaller animals & birds.

Nandanvan with 5 lakh Tree Plantation

We screen films on ecology, environment, animals, animal welfare & many such relevant topics regularly in our preview theatreAhinsadham has created a Spiritual Centre “Sadhna Kutir” based on Medical Astrology. Many Saints & Religious Gurus travelling to different destinations make it a point to visit & stay at Sadhna Kutir to meditate in silence & relax.
Based on this science & as a part of our Afforestation Activities, we have planted 18000 Trees in clusters of 1000 Trees each across the length & breadth of our Centre.

24x7x365 Hospital & ICU

An 23,000 Sq. Ft. unique state of art ICU with 400+ beds is built at Ahinsadham to cope up with the rising cases of animal accidents. It is India’s largest vet hospital that works 24x7x365. The team of 100 plus staff and expert doctors. and nurses specialized in animal care perform around 100 operations every month, i.e. 2 operations daily.
Animal ambulance service has also been started to ensure fast and timely provision of medical aid and attention anywhere needed.