About Ahinsadham

A Tradition of service for generations to come

Know About Ahinsadham

Ahinsadham's Foundation was laid down in 1990 and the grand inauguration took place on 05th Nov, 1995. It is located at pragpur road junction in kutch, near mundra port and is 44 kms away from bhuj.

In 1990 Shree Jadhavji Ravji Gangar donated 5 acres of land and Shree Damji Lalji Shah & Shree Jadhavji Lalji Shah Anchorwala helped the institution by way of donations. Sincelast 28 years shree mahendra ratanshi sangoi along with his entire team and with a broader vision to create and develope this piece of land creatively which can become a model for the world to cater knowledge on ahinsa and make it india's best animal welfare center.

We started this institution in 1990 with 5 acres of land and 20 animals while today in 2022 ahinsadham accommodates 3,000+ animals and birds spread across 600 acres of land. Ahinsadham is a shelter house for weak and disabled animals and birds and is widely known as "Bhagwan Mahavir Pashu Raksha Kendra, Anchorwala Ahinsadham". The institution also harbours a veterinary hospital which has ICU facilities for animals where around 400 animals can be treated.

The organization has two campuses: Ahinsadham-Sankul & Nandi Sarovar

Working towards welfare

Ahinsadham - Sankul

Veterinary Hospital

Institute has 100+ staff and team of expert doctors & animal welfare experts helping us in running veterinary hospital 24 X 7 X 365.

ICU 2 wings(11000+12500 sq. feet)

Such a huge and highly equipped animal hospital & ICU for animal treatements.

Ahinsa Knowledge Museum

Institute has pictures / posters that depict the cruelty done to animals in slaughter houses and in general across the globe.


The primary objective of the auditorium is to organize seminars & knowledge based programs. 500+ seating capacity.

Gopal Mandir

After his death we have built a samadhi mandir - Gopal Smriti Mandir as a tribute to the mighty bull for the stature he deserves.

Animal Fodder Storage

We have built special storage system for storing food / fodder for this 4900+ animals.

Equine Animal Special Zone

Institute has created a special zone/area for animals like camels, horses, deers, neel gai[rose] for their treatment & well being.

Bhojan Shala

Institute has a full fledged bhojnalay catering to the daily food requirements of visitors as well as our esteemed guests.

Bal Vatika

The play area in the bal vatika has several slides and swings for children. A place that is loved by kids and adults.

Meditation Hall

We organize several camps round the year for free treatment of suffering animals. Minimum 400 animals stay under the hospital care.

Mini Theatre

We have a 50 seater preview theater. Where we screen films on ecology, environment, animals, animal welfare & many such relevant topics regularly.

Free movement of animal

Nandi Sarovar

To become self sufficient for water requirement, Anchorwala ahinsadham has made a huge lake spread over 35 acres of land. Animals and Birds from nearby villages also come here to drink water along with institute's animals. They quench their thirst & get satisfied by drinking water of nandi sarovar - an oasis in desert.

35 Acres - Manmade Lake

Institute has created a man made artificial lake spread across 35 acres for birds & animals to cater too their daily water requirements.

18000 Trees Plantation

Tree-planting is the process of transplanting tree seedlings, generally for forestry, land reclamation, or landscaping purpose.

Herbal Plantation

Herbal Plantation have been discovered and used in traditional medicine practices since prehistoric times.

Shelter House - Sheds for animals

which are traditional and ancient Indian institutions that shelter old, unproductive and abandoned animals

Bird Sanctuary

We have built a bird care center where we provide treatments.

11000 Sq. Ft. Fodder Godown

We have built special storage system spread across 11000 Sq. Ft. Fodder Godown for storing food / fodder for animals.

Defining our vision of excellence

Our Vision & Mission


To create a sense of compassion for all living beings as a driving force to inspire the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in distress. To manifest compassion that is expressed in throght and action enabling a new balance in the human - animal - nature relationship.


To rescue & rehabilitate animals in distress in institution's immediate environment and to provide free medical care & shelter for animals in pain. To analyze the causes of the existing problems & create solutions & improvements to relieve the suffering of animals. Rescue, rehabilitation & conservation of all animals in distress in institution's vicinity in a scientific manner while providing life-time care and rehabilitation to those in need.