Animal rescue and rehabilitation

We work for rescuing and rehabilitating small and big animals. Animals that have suffered injuries in accidents or faced brutality are brought at Ahinsadham and are treated and nurtured till they are fit.

Free or subsidised treatment to animals

Cost of treatment and medication should not become the reason for negligence towards animal health; hence, Ahinsadham provides free/subsidised medication and treatment to animals.

Medical camps and check-ups

We believe in going one step ahead to serve our cause of animal welfare. In order to stand up to our motto our team of doctors and medical experts organize several camps round the year for free treatment of suffering animals.

Treatment to every kind of animal

Our compassion doesn't just stop at farm animals and cattle. We believe in spreading love and warmth to every possible weak and needy animal or bird, so we extend our services towards other animal like- horses, camels, sheep, deer, nilgai and so on. birds like- sparrows and peacock which are endangered.

Fodder distribution in local community

We have a big store house to keep fodder for the cattle from our Gaushala. The fodder from here is not just benefiting to the animal family from our shelter, but is also distributed amongst the farmers and the locals who follow animal husbandry to earn their living.

Afforestation initiatives

Global warming is a big issue that we are facing today. One of the major causes of this is rapid deforestation i.e. cutting down of trees and destruction of forests. So as an environment protection initiative, we have planted 18,000 trees in the clusters of 1000 trees each around the length and breadth of our Sandhna Kutir area.

Research and development

Research on various viruses and infections to find correct and potent medication is a need of time. While, on one hand we are operating and treating the animals, on the other, we have set up a pathology lab where our medical experts, aspiring researchers and interns work together for understanding the symptoms, diagnosing the illness and researching the correct and potent treatment and medication for the betterment of animals

Intensive diseases treatment

We perform surgeries on life threatening illness and diseases like cancerous horns, animal paralysis, major fractures, acid burns, severe fatal accidents and so on in our 24x7x365 hospital and these animals are kept under observation in our Hi-tech ICU where we have set up 300 beds. Change it to 400 beds

Awareness against cruelty

Millions of animals, birds and reptiles are killed and slaughtered on daily basis for animal skin, meat and ornaments. Spreading awareness against animal cruelty through visual medium is an initiative we are aggressively pushing through Vineshalay- the museum. The visitors are guided through the heart wrenching, eye opening images of animal slaughter by our guides.

Farmer welfare programmes

We undertake farmer welfare programmes and seminars to debate, discuss and to gain knowledge about right way of farming and sustaining the ecosystem. We also screen films that educate farmers and dairy owners about the relevant topics.

Doctors and medical interns training

Preparing next generation of doctors and medical experts is also an equally important task like the rest. So we recruit new doctors and interns at our hospital and pathology labs where they can watch, observe and also gain hands on experience in loving, nurturing and for treating the animals in a professional way.

Burn Department

burn animal treatment in Burn Department